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Welcome to Explore the Arts Online. Tour our on-demand archives featuring more than 3,000 fascinating events, performances, and educational lectures. Here, you will gain insight on history's greatest classical composers, witness the emotional power of modern dance masters, and more. Journey with the Kennedy Center and the National Symphony Orchestra as we explore the arts.

Latest Video

Marinera Viva!!!Marinera Viva!!! Performance 

The group showcases a different way of living, feeling, and dancing the Marinera...
Date Added: 6/30/15

Recently Added Videos

Australian Children's Choir & Los Angeles Children's Chorus

A youth choral showcase. Presented in collaboration with Classical Movements.
Date Added: 6/29/15

Tapiola Chamber Choir

The prominent Finnish choir is known for adventurous programming and diverse repertoire, ranging from major classical choral works to contemporary a cappella renditions.
Date Added: 6/28/15

Chicago Children’s Choir

The diverse ensemble’s repertoire spans classical, world, gospel, and popular music.
Date Added: 6/27/15

Target Family Night: The YMCA Jerusalem Youth Chorus

The group empowers young Palestinian and Israeli singers from East and West Jerusalem to grow together in song and dialogue and become leaders for peace within their communities.
Date Added: 6/26/15

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Have you ever wanted to be in the audience as a virtuoso first puts bow to string or listen to an award-winning director as they answer a question you've always wanted to ask, but can’t make it to the Kennedy Center? Well, Explore the Arts Online is your ticket to engage with the most compelling shows, live discussions, and educational forums that the Kennedy Center has to offer. There's always something new available, so join us every day for entertainment and intellectual enlightenment.

Next Livestream

El Trio de la Estudiantina Municipal de Ayacucho and Tradiciones Carumeñas
El Trio de la Estudiantina Municipal de Ayacucho and Tradiciones Carumeñas

The two groups preserve and promote the music and culture from the Ayacucho and...more

Live stream on 7/2/15 at 6:00 PM

Upcoming Livestreams

Los Wembler’s de Iquitos

Los Wembler’s de Iquitos

The family-based musical group is recognized across Peru as innovators of the st...more

Live stream on 7/3/15 at 6:00 PM

Monterey Jazz Festival County High School All-Star Band

Monterey Jazz Festival County High School All-Star Band

The ensemble makes its Millennium Stage debut in a program of familiar jazz stan...more

Live stream on 7/4/15 at 6:00 PM

Akua Allrich Album Release Show

Akua Allrich Album Release Show

Celebrating the release of her third album, Soul Singer, the soul-stirring jazz...more

Live stream on 7/5/15 at 6:00 PM

Hip-Hop Theater Festival: Balon the Oomph That Keeps You There

Uses theater, spoken word, music, and movement to journey through Washington, D....more

Live stream on 7/6/15 at 6:00 PM

Explore and Interact

Explore these unique interactive environments to enhance your understanding and appreciation of the world of the performing arts. From the modern to the ancient, each interactive site delves deeply into aspects of art, life, and culture.

  • NSO: Meet the Musicians NSO: Meet the Musicians

    Learn more about the National Symphony Orchestra using the new interactive feature above. Click on the options on the top right hand side of the feature to learn more about the individual musicians of the NSO, the different instruments of the orchestra, the NSO administrative staff and governance, and more.

  • Perfect Pitch

    This interactive explores the variety of musical instruments in orchestras from baroque to modern. Players can learn how instruments are made, create their own orchestral arrangements, find out about famous players and composers, and put instruments into their historical context. Guided listening is combined with questions about the history, construction, and use of the instruments. A baseball metaphor and lots of options for exploration and play will keep students coming back to this one!

  • Jazz in Time Jazz in Time

    Developed for middle and high school audiences, this interactive timeline follows the development of this great American art form. Divided by decade, the timeline ...

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